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Hip Hop Music: What You Need to Know

Everything hip hop is dynamic and spontaneous. Artists out to get bigger audience will battle it out onstage, with the one receiving loudest response as the winner. Hip hop is all about improvisation, lyrics created in the blink of an eye as fast as an opposing rapper can throw his own. Though an approval could be resounding, the audience is known to be ruthless and quick to react. There is an adrenaline rush to a hip hop battle that makes the experience like no other.

The charisma of hip hop emanates out of the artists out to be heard and their desire to send their message. The fact hip hop originated from the deprived streets of the city makes it somewhat ironic that the efforts of the first hip hop artists to earn through other means led the music to mainstream center stage. Hip hop made a lot of noise, and with it’s wide use of profanity became the forbidden fruit of music lovers craving for something new, which in turn made the music grow bigger.

Artists in the past like The Notorious BIG, P. Diddy, Ice T, Ice Cube, and Eminem brought talent, creativity, and even their drama to the spotlight which then made the fans wanting for more. Actual violence between warring turfs and against law enforcers brought them to new heights never reached by other artists before. More people who wanted to know the music created an entire sub-culture and sales, fueled by notoriety, boomed.

Female artists were beginning to break records of their own and fought for their own place in the sun beside the dominant males of the genre. The likes of Queen Latifa, Mary J. Blige, and Little Kim brought a different flavor of feisty and smooth to the previously violent and degrading nature of the men’s music. Others rose to fame and fell, being attracted to making easy money led them to career or even life ending choices.

Eventual changes in the music industry like music downloads softened the hype about hip hop. Here and there, old record labels close down. Telivision shows, movie making, launching clothing lines, were just few of the many endeavors that caught the attention of former artists as they turn away from the music they paved way for.

As the sparks die out, for a moment, hip hop seemed to have no place in the generations to come. Instead, it caused a softer side to the once violent genre to form. Now, instead of insulting women, artists like TI, Ludicris, Neo and others, sing to the women, leading back to where they came from. They pay tribute to their predecessors in a method that is long time since last seen in music genres.

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